Crystal Inspiration

Moor crystals was created from a love of crystals and a passion for the creativity and energy they inspire. Our belief is that crystals help everyone in different ways, offering a special beauty and energy to everyone and every environment.

Our products are ethically sourced, with the majority of our products coming directly from the source country.

We also believe in doing everything we can to minimise our environmental impact with minimal carbon footprint and 100% eco packaging.

Crystal guides

Our crystal collections

Take a look at our crystal collections; curated to help you find your perfect crystals. New to crystals and want to get started on your crystal journey? Looking to add something special to your current collection? Or, are you looking for a unique piece or rare crystal you've been searching for? Our collections have something for everyone.

OUR crystal ranges


Perfect for carrying with you to help with everyday life. Our range of high grade tumble stones includes everything from the most popular crystals to the rarest on the market

crystal sets

Our carefully created crystal sets use the most popular tumble stones to help with everything from anxiety to new beginnings. Ideal to be carried with you and perfect gifts for crystal lovers

Crystal Shapes

Our range of crystal shapes includes worry stones and palm stones to crystal points and towers. Beautifully shaped they can support you in everyday life and to effect the energies across your home or work place

Unique Crystals

These unique individual crystal forms include stunning pieces ideal for crystal healing practices or even as stunning and energy filled statement pieces in your home

CRYSTAL jewellery

Our unique, hand made jewellery has been designed for comfort and ease whilst providing the unique energy of crystals to support in a variety of ways

gift ideas

Need a helping hand to find a gift for a crystal lover? Our range of crystal gifts includes jewellery pieces, sets and much more

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Wow! My crystals are so beautiful. Also I loved the little card which included so much helpful information. Thank you, I will be back again soon!
— Jessie Brown
Customer reviews
My sister loved her crystal bracelet. It was a really cute gift for her and cheered her up so much. Also, thank you for helping with my queries!
— Emily Shea